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WELCOME to your January feature of Success REfashiond Magazine’s sneak peek into Tucson’s top women in business of 2020. We will be featuring one women from the end of the year’s magazine each month, where you will be just the teensiest taste of their photo session and their interview.

Holy [insert your preferred expletive here]!! Do you see how incredible our FIRST MONTH’s FEATURE is!?  Seriously… are you seeing this!! Because if you aren’t excited, you may want to get your eyes checked ;).

This might be the most excited I have been in an extremely long time. Bringing to life my vision of lifting and supporting the extraordinary women in business right here in our community, helping them show up as the seriously badass successful and amazing women they are…  is seriously unbelievable.

WELCOME to your January feature of Success REfashiond Magazine’s sneak peek into Tucson’s top women in business of 2020. We will be featuring one women from the end of the year’s magazine each month, where you will be just the teensiest taste of their photo session and their interview.

Hold on to your hats kids… because this is going to be extraordinary.  

Allow me to introduce to you, Rhonda Peoples.

Rhonda is a Sales and Leadership Coach, and let me tell you, if you haven’t met Rhonda yet, you are truly missing out. Her inspiring, magnetic and uplifting energy will have you believing in new possibilities in yourself and the world within minutes of knowing her. I have told many people, many times, that what Rhonda specializes in is pushing you off the ledge. In the first few months of knowing this women, she pushed me off of more ledges that I had been dancing around than I had lept off of in my entire life… she carries the absolute ability to make you believe things in yourself that you had already convinced yourself that you could never do long ago. It is with thanks to this woman that I finally broke through my own glass ceiling. She has truly been an amazing friend and coach.

A woman who carries this kind of influence most assuredly NEEDED to be part of this magazine.

What she will tell you she actually specializes in is standing for women having the confidence to see all they need already within themselves and empowering that to come out.  

Helping women see and stand in their own power… and helping them to become a force… If that’s not making a massive shift in the women in our community, I don’t know what is.

Now I have a treat for you! Straight from her own mouth, here is a sneak peek into her interview! Make sure to pick up REfashiond’s Magazine at the end of the year to see the whole thing, along with more of her gorgeous photos!!

A massive sneak peek at our interview with

Interview with Rhonda

You are not going to want to miss the amazing things she has too say… and there is so much more will want to see when the magazine hits!

Jessica:  I am so excited to have you here, thank you so much for coming. Ok, so first things first! What does RED symbolize for you?

Rhonda:  Power. Confidence. Freedom.

Freedom of posture, freedom to live a fully self expressed life.

Being Bold.

Not having that extra voice saying “what are they going to think”… just being free from that. 

Red has never attracted me, it’s my dad’s favorite color. But now, there is a lot of significance around it. Red being Action– Like B.A.N.K Card–

[which she is by the way! If you want to know more about BANK Card or what color you symbolize, reach out to her! She would love to help you find out]

Jessica By definition, Refashioned means to fashion or create something differently, so with that in mind,  What does Success REfashiond mean to you?

Rhonda: I totally… oh! see I just got chills! all my little hairs are raised up!.. This is part of my passion, redefining what success looks like. I think we… I don’t think I know…that we have fallen into a masculine system for so long. And there’s nothing wrong with it, it was created at a time when women didn’t really have a place outside of the home… then when they started working they just never thought about it being a masculine system. I think that’s why so many of us had stayed out of it, it just didn’t really work with children and family. I thought the same thing, when I started in the car business when my daughter was two and it was like, how do I work in this system. 

I know now that your word, Refashiond, is a statement that it doesn’t have to look the same way anymore. We can be ourselves and be SUCCESSFUL mothers and SUCCESSFUL business women, all at the same time and it doesn’t have to look anything like the masculine system and doesn’t mean were not successful. 

That word really brings a lot in for me, I was talking to my husband about it last night and it just opened up the flood gates and even he was getting all excited… So yea, that really means a lot.

I feel that its coming, it’s here. We have enough of us power women that are really shining that light and ladies are seeing it.

Jessica: Now I’m getting goose bumps! The shift is coming!

Jessica: When you first started out, what do you wish you would have known?

Rhonda: I wish I would have known how powerful I really am. Sometimes I have to remind myself still, how some people look at me. And then it just reminds me that “That’s who you are Rhonda, Step into it and grab it and share it with others” Because the more you share it, the more you become. So that’s what it was, I had no power, I was sick… all the way around. So yea, it’s the power. Knowing the power.

And Everybody… I mean even YOU… when I met you, I seen the power, the power came in and then you walked in the room. That’s really how it was. And I seen myself in you so quickly because you were like shying down from it, You couldn’t even look at me… you just wanted to hide your face! and it’s like “WOW! You’re such a powerful force!”

And that’s what it is. Women HAVE this. WE GIVE FREAKIN BIRTH. WE CREATE HUMAN BEINGS. We have stuff in us that men do not have!!  And we create. It’s just that in itself is so powerful. Even for women who haven’t had children… they have the stuff. 

I just think we have the direct line, like we have the bat phone. Straight to universe and source, I say straight to God. Because he made us as creators of the world. 

And we just don’t know the power we have, and we give it away all. day. long.  We give it away sometimes to ourselves. The conversations we have with ourselves we chip away at our power… “We aren’t this, we can’t do this, I should have done this, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not” All those words… chip chip chip chip chip chip… where we walk around as a shadow of ourselves.

So that’s what it was. That’s the one thing. 

I mean I believe we take the path we are supposed to take, but to answer that question… 

Knowing my own power.

Jessica: I think because you took that path,  it seems like you have this innate sense about seeing that power in somebody long before they see it in themselves, and I just think that is an incredible gift. If you can see it then you can help them more easily to see it in themselves.

Jessica: What’s a common myth that you deal with in your business that you consistently run into, and can you debunk it?

Rhonda: Yes, that Moms cannot make six and seven figures! Thats a myth! 

You can be a mom, and you can run a very successful business, and not be overwhelmed.

There can be moments of overwhelm… but see it’s the stuff that’s in our way, but when we get that stuff out of our way and get the power, we can be just magnificent in all that we do.

And happy, and rested, and healthy, and powerful, and rich, and great moms and great wives, great sisters. 

We can be all of that.

It’s the stuff that drags us down, it’s all the baggage that we have. 

I have a really good friend of mine who works doing the day and she gets home at the end of the day and she is exhausted! Like EXHAUSTED. And I can FEEL the exhaustion, and she doesn’t have any kids, and you know what it is? It’s the stuff she carries around. The extra things we worry about… the what are other’s thinking about us, are we doing the right things, judging other people, are we doing enough for the kids? 

All of it. Like all of that CRAP exhausts us. 

Thats the one time I wish I could be a man. They don’t worry about that shit. None of it!

We can take some of that on in the respect of the personal work, the Landmarks of the world, that allow us a women (and men because men go to), to get stuff out of the way, then you’re not so exhausted! and then you can go and do that. 

You have how many kids? 

Jessica: four

Rhonda: FOUR KIDS! Not just one, FOUR Kids! And your running a successful business… right? Women can do it! I think for so many years there’s this conditioning and culture and myth that women are just suppose to raise the kids. 

So that’s the biggest myth. That women can’t. Thats it right there. Women Can’t. Its a myth. 

it may not look the way YOU do it

but women CAN.

Where to find Rhonda:

Rhonda Peoples is a Sales and Leadership Coach.

To learn more about her you can find her at

or you can also find her on facebook and linkedin

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