Magazine Nomination

Our 2021 magazine is looking to feature the unstoppable local women in business that are out there doing big things and making an impact! We want to help these women be seen and recognized as the extraordinary women they are! These women will get a complimentary fashion style photo shoot and interview.

Who are we looking for?

We are featuring the top local women in business.

But who is this woman  — what does she look like?  She is someone who is compassionate, collaborative, believes in lifting others up, she is a trailblazer and she makes an impact on the community and leaves a mark with everyone she meets. She is a change maker and she is killing it doing what she does best. She strives to do good, make a difference where she is at and she is extraordinary. She is refashioning what it looks like to be a woman in business, either in her field, her community or the world.

Each yearly edition, We want to also feature 1 “up and coming” teen. Who has big dreams and plans? Who is already putting it into play!? What teen is refashioning what it looks like to be a teen.

AND We will be looking to feature 1-5 local non-profits women in business should be supporting. Do you know of an incredible one that should get highlighted!? We want to support them too!

We are also looking for collaborators and contributors!

Local expert women you know who have knowledge that a woman in business needs! We want to include them too! Helping these women rise to be seen as the experts they are!

Local dress boutiques who would love to get their clothing that fits our style showcased! Images for advertising and credit will be given on each image your product participated in.

Local Women artists making beautiful earrings and accessories. Same as above, fitting of the fashion styling, images for advertising and credit give on each image your product participated in.

Pst! By the way, if this DOES sound like you

we would love to have you as part of our FB community.

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